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Posted on: Friday, January 29, 2010

TV star whets Japan's taste for Korean food, culture

By Jeff Chung

While other hallyu stars have been increasing their exposure through film and TV and Hollywood movies, the "King of Hallyu," Bae Yong Joon, has been busy promoting Korean culture and Korean food in Japan.

Bae has opened a Korean restaurant, Korean bar and another restaurant in a department store, sells Korean-themed bentos and published a book on Korean culture and tourism.

Bae achieved stardom in the hit TV series "Winter Sonata (Yonsama)," also known as "Winter Ballad," alongside co-star Choi Ji Woo in 2004. The series originally aired in 2002 in South Korea, where it was popular, but was far more successful with viewers in Japan. It remains Bae's most popular project to date.

Bae entered the restaurant business in Seoul near Do San Park, opening Gorilla In the Kitchen, which emphasized healthy food with great service. Then he opened a Korean restaurant in Shiro-gane, Japan, called Goshire. (Goshi is a mythical god of agriculture and "re" is a Chinese character that means "to be polite.") Next came Goshire Hwa, a Korean bar in Nagoya, Japan, featuring variations of soju cocktails. Late last year, Bae's Goshire Gun opened in the basement of the Seibu department store, specializing in Korean side dishes (banchan), porridge and salads.

Bae also launched the Goshire Bento for Japanese convenience stores, featuring foods from Korea's Goguryeo period.

In 2008, he released the book "A Journey In Search of Korea's Beauty," drawing 45,000 fans to a promotional event for its release at the Tokyo Dome. The book, now in its fifth printing, chronicles his journey through Korea, with pictures and essays.

Bae has been very successful in his ventures and very generous in his donations to charitable organizations. As an actor, he has been instrumental in promoting Korean culture, food and tourism, and is quickly becoming a savvy businessman, too. He has used his successful acting career to branch out into other areas and has been more successful in marketing and promoting Korean culture than some government agencies.

I would go so far as to predict that one day Bae Yong Joon will be a strong candidate to be South Korea's minister of culture, sports and tourism. Veteran actor Yu In Chon currently holds that post.



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