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Posted on: Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jets, Seahawks grade out highest

 •  NFL deals for ex-Warriors

By Curtis Murayama
Advertiser Sports Editor


Needs: NT, ILB, WR, CB, QB


1 (26) Dan Williams, dt, Tennessee.

2 (47) Daryl Washington, lb, TCU.

3 (88) Andre Roberts, wr, The Citadel.

4 (130) O'Brien Schofield, lb, Wisconsin.

5 (155) John Skelton, qb, Fordham.

6 (201) Jorrick Calvin, db, Troy.

7 (233) Jim Dray, te, Stanford.

Analysis: The draft's top nose tackle, Dan Williams (6-2, 327), somehow fell to No. 26. Their second-round pick, Daryl Washington (6-2, 230, 4.54), has speed and athleticism, and should be an immediate help. Andre Roberts (5-10, 193) is a light version of Anquan Boldin and is not afraid to go over the middle. He just lacked big-time competition. All this probably won't be enough to overcome their losses (Kurt Warner, Boldin, Karlos Dansby, Antrel Rolle, Neil Rackers).

Grade: C


Needs: DE, OLB, G/C, WR, TE


1 (19) Sean Weatherspoon, lb, Missouri.

3 (83) Corey Peters, dt, Kentucky.

3 (98) Mike Johnson, g, Alabama.

4 (117) Joe Hawley, c, UNLV.

5 (135) Dominque Franks, db, Oklahoma.

5 (165) Kerry Meier, wr, Kansas.

6 (171) Shann Schillinger, db, Montana.

Analysis: Filled one major need of an outside rusher with Sean Weatherspoon (4.52 speed, 35 reps, 40-inch vertical). Corey Peters (6-3, 300) will help with the defensive inside rotation and Mike Johnson (6-5, 312) should do the same on offense. But the big pickup might have come in free agency with the signing of CB Dunta Robinson (Texans).

Grade: C


Needs: CB, TE, NT, WR, S


2 (43) Sergio Kindle, lb, Texas.

2 (57) Terrence Cody, dt, Alabama.

3 (70) Ed Dickson, te, Oregon.

4 (114) Dennis Pitta, te, BYU.

5 (156) David Reed, wr, Utah.

5 (157) Arthur Jones, dt, Syracuse.

6 (194) Ramon Harewood, ot, Morehouse.

Analysis: Traded out of the first round but ended up with a nice group. Sergio Kindle could have been taken higher if not for knee concerns. Terrance Cody (350-370 depending on time of day) is just what the Ravens need to make Ray Lewis even more dynamic. They also picked up two of the best tight ends a need area in Ed Dickson (6-4, 249, 4.59) and Dennis Pitta (6-4, 245, 4.68).

Grade: C+


Needs: OT, QB, NT, WR, RB


1 (9) C.J. Spiller, rb, Clemson.

2 (41) Torell Troup, dt, UCF.

3 (72) Alex Carrington, de, Arkansas State.

4 (107) Marcus Easley, wr, Connecticut.

5 (140) Ed Wang, ot, Virginia Tech.

6 (178) Arthur Moats, lb, James Madison.

6 (192) Danny Batten, lb, So. Dakota State.

7 (209) Levi Brown, qb, Troy.

7 (216) Kyle Calloway, g, Iowa.

Analysis: Made a big splash with the flashiest player in the draft, C.J. Spiller. After that, things went thud. The Bills never addressed their biggest needs, QB and OT. They twice passed on Jimmy Clausen and multiple times on Colt McCoy. Look for the Bills to be drafting in the top 10 again next year, even if Spiller is the rookie of the year.

Grade: D


Needs: WR, DT, SLB, DE, QB


2 (48) Jimmy Clausen, qb, Notre Dame.

3 (78) Brandon LaFell, wr, LSU.

3 (89) Armanti Edwards, wr, Appalachian St

4 (124) Eric Norwood, de, South Carolina.

6 (175) Greg Hardy, de, Mississippi.

6 (198) David Gettis, wr, Baylor.

6 (202) Jordan Pugh, db, Texas A&M.

6 (204) Tony Pike, qb, Cincinnati.

7 (223) R.J. Stanford, db, Utah.

7 (249) Robert McClain, db, Connecticut.

Analysis: Didn't have a No. 1 pick (traded to 49ers last year that yielded DE Everette Brown so factor that in) but got, at No. 48 overall, something worth a No. 1, Jimmy Clausen. They filled other needs at WR with Brandon LaFell (6-2, 211) and former QB Armanti Edwards (5-11, 187), who could make the Panthers offense (DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and Steve Smith) more dangerous running the wildcat. Also picked up Tony Pike, who has ability to land on an NFL roster.

Grade: C


Needs: OT/OG, FS, WR


3 (75) Major Wright, db, Florida.

4 (109) Corey Wootton, de, Northwestern.

5 (141) Joshua Moore, db, Kansas State.

6 (181) Dan Lefevour, qb, Cent. Michigan.

7 (218) J'Marcus Webb, ot, W. Texas A&M.

Analysis: The Bears are still paying for the Jay Cutler deal. It looked good last year, but not so much now. They did pick up a quality safety and a need area in Major Wright. They also took sleeper Dan LeFevour. Still, the team didn't address its needs on the interior offensive line.

Grade: C-


Needs: DE, S, TE, DT, OLB, WR


1 (21) Jermaine Gresham, te, Oklahoma.

2 (54) Carlos Dunlap, de, Florida.

3 (84) Jordan Shipley, wr, Texas.

3 (96) Brandon Ghee, db, Wake Forest.

4 (120) Geno Atkins, dt, Georgia.

4 (131) Rodderick Muckelroy, lb, Texas.

5 (152) Otis Hudson, g, Eastern Illinois.

6 (191) Dezmon Briscoe, wr, Kansas.

7 (228) Reggie Stephens, c, Iowa State.

Analysis: Really needed a deep middle threat and got this year's best at the position in Jermaine Gresham, who has wide receiver skills at 261 pounds. Carlos Dunlap (6-6, 277, 4.6) is an underachiever with superstar potential and WR Jordan Shipley (5-11 1/2, 192, 4.6) is an overachiever who lacks all-pro potential. Brandon Ghee (4.37) is one of the fastest corners but only had one interception in three seasons. Geno Aktins (6-1, 293) is a big-body nose tackle who occasionally flashed top-notch play-making skills. What we have here is a bunch of workout warriors who could be something special, or ...

Grade: B-C or D, we shall see


Needs: QB, OLB, DE, FS, OL, WR


1 (7) Joe Haden, db, Florida.

2 (38) T.J. Ward, db, Oregon.

2 (59) Montario Hardesty, rb, Tennessee.

3 (85) Colt McCoy, qb, Texas.

3 (92) Shawn Lauvao, g, Arizona State.

5 (160) Larry Asante, de, Nebraska.

6 (177) Carlton Mitchell, wr, South Florida.

6 (186) Clifton Geathers, de, Sou. Carolina.

Analysis: Third-round pick Colt McCoy made this draft. OK, Joe Haden also did. But the others might have been reaches. T.J. Ward was rated the ninth-best safety by some but was the fourth one taken. Montario Hardesty (5-11, 225, 4.49) is a physical back who should team well with Jerome Harrison. Still, the Browns needed to address the DE, OLB spots.

Grade: C-


Needs: OT, FS, OG, WR


1 (24) Dez Bryant, wr, Oklahoma State.

2 (55) Sean Lee, lb, Penn State.

4 (126) Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, db, Ind., Pa.

6 (179) Sam Young, ot, Notre Dame.

6 (196) Jamar Wall, db, Texas Tech.

7 (234) Sean Lissemore, dt, Wm. & Mary.

Analysis: Can't really argue about the talent they drafted in Dez Bryant, Sean Lee and sleeper Akwasi Owusu-Ansah. It just didn't fill their need at offensive line and free safety. Furthermore, Bryant (6-2, 225, 4.52, top 10 talent), Lee (knee injuries past two seasons) and Owusu-Ansah (4.3 speed, but small-time competition) all had questions going in. The Cowboys still are a player or two away and they didn't come in this draft.

Grade: C


Needs: G/C, ILB, WR, DL, QB


1 (22) Demaryius Thomas, wr, Ga. Tech.

1 (25) Tim Tebow, qb, Florida.

2 (45) Zane Beadles, ot, Utah.

3 (80) J.D. Walton, c, Baylor.

3 (87) Eric Decker, wr, Minnesota.

5 (137) Perrish Cox, db, Oklahoma State.

6 (183) Eric Olsen, g, Notre Dame.

7 (225) Syd'Quan Thompson, db, Cal.

7 (232) Jammie Kirlew, lb, Indiana.

Analysis: The Broncos got their future quarterback. Or is it H-back? Or is it tight end? Whatever, with the trading of all-pro WR Brandon Marshall and the drafting everybody's All-American Tim Tebow, the locker room will be better, though the product on the field won't. The guys who'll be more helpful on the field will be Demaryius Thomas (6-3, 226, 4.5), Zane Beadles (6-4, 310), J.D. Walton (6-3, 300) and Eric Decker (6-3, 217).

Grade: C-


Needs: CB, OL, RB, SS, DE, DT


1 (2) Ndamukong Suh, dt, Nebraska.

1 (30) Jahvid Best, rb, California.

3 (66) Amari Spievey, db, Iowa.

4 (128) Jason Fox, ot, Miami.

7 (213) Willie Young, de, N.C. State.

7 (255) Tim Toone, wr, Weber State.

Analysis: Got the best player in the draft at No. 2 in DT Ndamukong Suh (6-4, 307, 4.98, 32 reps, 35 vertical), an immovable object likened to Albert Haynesworth with a better attitude. Traded up to get Jahvid Best (5-10, 199, 4.35), who fills a need and has multi-purpose ability with his return and pass catching skills. Amari Spievey (4.5) can be a solid contributer

Grade: C+


Needs: OLB, OT, SS, OG, CB


1 (23) Brian Bulaga, ot, Iowa.

2 (56) Mike Neal, de, Purdue.

2 (71) Morgan Burnett, db, Georgia Tech.

5 (154) Andrew Quarless, te, Penn State.

5 (169) Marshall Newhouse, ot, TCU.

6 (193) James Starks, rb, Buffalo.

7 (230) C.J. Wilson, de, East Carolina.

Analysis: The unpredictability of the draft paid off for the Packers once again. Didn't they get Aaron Rodgers this way? The Pack filled a huge need at OT with Brian Bulaga (6-5, 316) rated the eighth-best prospect overall in some ratings. Mike Neal (6-3, 294) is a stout at the point and Morgan Burnett (6-1, 209) had 15 interceptions in three seasons. But could have used a corner, but from where they drafted (No. 23 overall), the Pack found help where needed.

Grade: C+


Needs: CB, FS, RB, DT, OG


1 (20) Kareem Jackson, db, Alabama.

2 (58) Ben Tate, rb, Auburn.

3 (81) Earl Mitchell, dt, Arizona.

4 (102) Darryl Sharpton, lb, Miami.

4 (118) Garrett Graham, te, Wisconsin.

5 (144) Sherrick McManis, db, Nrthwestern.

6 (187) Shelley Smith, g, Colorado State.

6 (197) Trindon Holliday, kr, LSU.

7 (227) Dorin Dickerson, wr, Pittsburgh.

Analysis: Desperately needed a cornerback and a big back and landed both with Kareem Jackson (4.40) and Ben Tate (5-11, 218, 4.3). Tate doesn't look elusive but a straight-line power back to team with Steve Slaton might be a better fit. Dorin Dickerson (6-4, 226, 4.4, 10 TD catches in 2009) dropped all the way to the seventh round and could be a potential jewel.

Grade: C


Needs: OL, DE, CB, OLB, DT


1 (31) Jerry Hughes, de, TCU.

2 (63) Pat Angerer, lb, Iowa.

3 (94) Kevin Thomas, db, Southern Cal.

4 (129) Jacques McClendon, g, Tennessee.

5 (162) Brody Eldridge, te, Oklahoma.

7 (238) Ricardo Mathews, de, Cincinnati.

7 (240) Kavell Conner, lb, Clemson.

7 (246) Ray Fisher, db, Indiana.

Analysis: Colts needed help on defense, especially at linebacker and rush end. Jerry Hughes (6-2, 255, 4.69) can be both, depending on the situation. Pat Angerer (6-0, 235, 4.7) is regarded as a solid all-around player and Kevin Thomas (4.4) saw his stock improve with an outstanding Pro Day. Still, the Colts need to address their offensive line and safety spots sometime soon.

Grade: C-


Needs: S, DE, WR, LB, G/C, QB


1 (10) Tyson Alualu, dt, California.

3 (74) D'Anthony Smith, dt, Louisiana Tech.

5 (143) Larry Hart, de, Central Arkansas.

5 (153) Austen Lane, de, Murray State.

6 (180) Deji Karim, rb, Southern Illinois.

6 (203) Scotty McGee, kr, James Madison.

Analysis: Hard-working, high-effort Tyson Alualu (6-2fi, 298, 4.87) was a surprise at No. 10 overall, but fills a need at tackle or end. Although hometown hero Tim Tebow was the popular option, such a choice would have set back the franchise, which could be on the move anyway. D'Anthony Smith (6-2, 304) shores up the interior. But the Jags got little else from this draft, except for a horde of defensive linemen. Their best move was to trade for LB Kirk Morrison, who led the Raiders in tackles the past four years.

Grade: C-


Needs: S, ILB, OL, WR, NT, TE


1 (5) Eric Berry, db, Tennessee.

2 (36) Dexter McCluster, rb, Mississippi.

2 (50) Javier Arenas, db, Alabama.

3 (68) Jon Asamoah, g, Illinois.

3 (93) Tony Moeaki, te, Iowa.

5 (136) Kendrick Lewis, db, Mississippi.

5 (142) Cameron Sheffield, lb, Troy.

Analysis: A team with many needs filled many. Eric Berry (6-0, 211, 4.47) is a Ronnie Lott-type. RB/WR Dexter McCluster (5-8, 170, 4.4) is a matchup mismatch with added value in the return game. Javier Arenas (5-8 1/2, 197, 4.6) is short but tough, and Jon Asamoah (6-4, 308), once one of the elite linemen, dropped because of a mediocre senior year. The Chiefs are improving, slowly.

Grade: B


Needs: NT, OLB, FS, G, TE


1 (28) Jared Odrick, dt, Penn State.

2 (40) Koa Misi, lb, Utah.

3 (73) John Jerry, g, Mississippi.

4 (119) A.J. Edds, lb, Iowa.

5 (145) Nolan Carroll, de, Maryland.

5 (163) Reshad Jones, db, Georgia.

7 (212) Chris McCoy, lb, Mid. Tennessee.

7 (252) Austin Spitler, lb, Ohio State.

Analysis: The Dolphins' bonanza came before the draft with the acquisition of Brandon Marshall, a big-time receiver who brings a big headache. Still, they could have taken a NT or S but instead traded down. They ended up with Jared Odrick (6-5, 303, 4.95), Koa Misi (6-2 1/2, 250, 4.7) and John Jerry (6-5, 328), whose future might be at guard, where incumbent Justin Smiley might be on the way out.

Grade: C+


Needs: CB, S, C/G, RB, QB


2 (34) Chris Cook, db, Virginia.

2 (51) Toby Gerhart, rb, Stanford.

4 (100) Everson Griffen, de, Southern Cal.

5 (161) Chris DeGeare, g, Wake Forest.

5 (167) Nate Triplett, lb, Minnesota.

6 (199) Joe Webb, wr, UAB.

7 (214) Mickey Shuler, te, Penn State.

7 (237) Ryan D'Imperio, rb, Rutgers.

Analysis: Didn't like how it started but like how it ended. They traded out of the first round then passed on Jimmy Clausen in Round 2. Instead they took Chris Cook (6-2, 212, 4.45), whom ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper said would be overdrafted because of his measurables and is a poor tackler. But Toby Gerhart (6-0, 231, 4.53) is a thumper who replaces Chester Taylor and Everson Griffen (6-3, 275, 4.66) has first-round, maybe even top 10, talent. The most intriguing prospect is UAB's Joe Webb, a QB turned WR with incredible athleticism (6-3, 223, 4.4, 21 reps, 42.5 vertical and 11-5 broad jump).

Grade: B-


Needs: OLB, WR, ILB, TE, RB


1 (27) Devin McCourty, db, Rutgers.

2 (42) Rob Gronkowski, te, Arizona.

2 (53) Jermaine Cunningham, de, Florida.

2 (62) Brandon Spikes, lb, Florida.

3 (90) Taylor Price, wr, Ohio.

4 (113) Aaron Hernandez, te, Florida.

5 (150) Zoltan Mesko, p, Michigan.

6 (205) Ted Larsen, c, N.C. State.

7 (208) Thomas Welch, ot, Vanderbilt.

7 (247) Brandon Deaderick, de, Alabama.

7 (248) Kade Weston, dt, Georgia.

7 (250) Zac Robinson, qb, Oklahoma State.

Analysis: The Patriots came in with a first and three seconds and picked at least five who could help. Devin McCourty (4.48) is skilled, steady and consistent. Rob Gronkowski (6-6, 264, 4.65) replaces departed Ben Watson and should provide Tom Brady with a huge target. Florida players, Jermaine Cunningham (6-3, 266), Brandon Spikes (6-3, 249) and Aaron Hernandez (6-2, 245), all should help, as should Taylor Price (6-0, 204, 4.4). Cunningham needs to move to OLB, Spikes' slow 40-time (5.0) and Hernandez's lack of blocking skills knocked them down in the draft. But all can flourish in the right scheme.

Grade: B


Needs: OLB, DT, DE, FS, RS, G


1 (32) Patrick Robinson, db, Florida State.

2 (64) Charles Brown, ot, Southern Cal.

3 (95) Jimmy Graham, te, Miami.

4 (123) Al Woods, dt, LSU.

5 (158) Matt Tennant, c, Boston College.

7 (239) Sean Canfield, qb, Oregon State.

Analysis: Still haven't filled the void left by Scott Fujita (Browns), but they did strengthen the secondary with Patrick Robinson the Saints drafted another CB Malcolm Jenkins with their first pick last year. Charles Brown (6-5, 303, largest hands at 11‹) has first-round talent. Jimmy Graham (6-6, 258, 4.53) has the tools but not the hands just yet. Still, they need to fill the outside linebacker spot and help with their interior defense.

Grade: C-


Needs: ILB, OL, DT, RB, CB


1 (15) Jason Pierre-Paul, de, South Florida.

2 (46) Linval Joseph, dt, East Carolina.

3 (76) Chad Jones, db, LSU.

4 (115) Phillip Dillard, lb, Nebraska.

5 (147) Nick Petrus, g, Arkansas.

6 (184) Adrian Tracy, lb, William & Mary.

7 (221) Matt Dodge, p, East Carolina.

Analysis: The Giants strengthened one of their stronger areas the defensive line. Jason Pierre-Paul (6-5, 270, 4.64) could make Osi Umenyiora expendable. Linval Joseph (6-4, 328) is more a natural nose tackle. Chad Jones (6-2, 223, 4.59 but only 9 reps) and Phillip Dillard (6-0, 245) could challenge for starting spots, though Giants really wanted Rolando McClain (taken by Raiders).

Grade: C+


Needs: OLB, DE, FS, DT, WR


1 (29) Kyle Wilson, db, Boise State.

2 (61) Vladimir Ducasse, ot, UMass.

4 (112) Joe McKnight, rb, Southern Cal.

5 (139) John Conner, rb, Kentucky.

Analysis: If you consider that some of these picks helped get WRs Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes and CB Antonio Cromartie, then the Jets made a haul. Then they added underrated Kyle Wilson (4.43, 25 reps, 38 vertical) and Vladamir Ducasse (6-4, 332), as well as fleet-footed but fumble-prone Joe McKnight (4.4) and the best blocking fullback in the draft in John Conner (5-11, 246). An outside linebacker or rush end would have helped (Former No. 1 pick Vernon Gholston where are you? That's OK, Jason Taylor is here.).

Grade: A


Needs: OT, DT, QB, DE, MLB, CB


1 (8) Rolando McClain, lb, Alabama.

2 (44) Lamarr Houston, dt, Texas.

3 (69) Jared Veldheer, ot, Hillsdale.

4 (106) Bruce Campbell, dt, Maryland.

4 (108) Jacoby Ford, wr, Clamson.

5 (138) Walter McFadden, db, Auburn.

6 (190) Travis Goethel, lb, Arizona State.

7 (215) Jeremy Ware, db, Michigan State.

7 (251) Stevie Brown, db, Michigan.

Analysis: The Raiders took all the drama and laughter out of the draft this year with solid selections. Rolando McClain (6-3, 264, 4.68) was coveted by many. Lamarr Houston (6-3, 305, 4.84, 30 reps, 33 1/2 vertical) is strong and powerful. Jared Veldheer (6-8, 312, 5.06, 32 reps) and Bruce Campbell (6-6, 314, 4.85, 34 reps) fill huge needs. They even got QB Jason Campbell in a trade and then signed him to an extension.

Grade: B+


Needs: C/G, CB, OLB, DE, S, DT


1 (13) Brandon Graham, de, Michigan.

2 (37) Nate Allen, db, South Florida.

2 (86) Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, de, Wash.

4 (105) Trevard Lindley, db, Kentucky.

4 (121) Keenan Clayton, lb, Oklahoma.

4 (122) Mike Kafka, qb, Northwestern.

4 (125) Clay Harbor, te, Missouri State.

5 (134) Ricky Sapp, de, Clemson.

5 (159) Riley Cooper, wr, Florida.

6 (200) Charles Scott, rb, LSU.

7 (220) Jamar Chaney, lb, Mississippi St.

7 (243) Jeff Owens, dt, Georgia.

7 (244) Kurt Coleman, db, Ohio State.

Analysis: Jumped from No. 24 overall to 13 to nab Brandon Graham (6-1, 268, 4.72, 31 reps). Not sure they had to go that high since two other DEs (Jason Pierre-Paul and Derrick Morgan) were also available. Nate Allen (6-0, 207) is a top safety and Daniel Te'o-Nesheim (6-3, 263, 4.72) is Washington's career sack leader. Ricky Sapp (6-4, 252, 4.65) might be a late-round find.

Grade: C


Needs: CB, OL, DE, OLB, WR


1 (18) Maurkice Pouncey, c, Florida.

2 (52) Jason Worilds, lb, Virginia Tech.

3 (82) Emmanuel Sanders, wr, SMU.

4 (116) Thaddeus Gibson, lb, Ohio State.

5 (151) Chris Scott, ot, Tennessee.

5 (164) Crezdon Butler, db, Clemson.

5 (166) Stevenson Sylvester, lb, Utah.

6 (188) Jonathan Dwyer, rb, Georgia Tech.

6 (195) Antonio Brown, wr, Cent. Michigan.

7 (242) Doug Worthington, de, Ohio State.

Analysis: Willie Parker, gone. Santonio Holmes, gone. Ben Roethlisberger, suspended, almost gone. This team might be going through a do-over. The draft is a good place to start. Maurkice Pouncey (6-4, 304) is a solid, physical interior lineman. Jason Worilds (6-1, 254, 4.65) might have gone higher but had a mediocre junior season. Emmanuel Sanders (5-11, 186, 4.4) is slight but speedy. Thaddeus Gibson (6-2, 243, 4.78, 32 reps) was a Ohio State standout. Worilds and Gibson fit the Steelers' hybrid outside rusher scheme.

Grade: C+


Needs: QB, OLB, WR, TE, DT


1 (1) Sam Bradford, qb, Oklahoma.

2 (33) Rodger Saffold, ot, Indiana.

3 (65) Jerome Murphy, db, South Florida.

4 (99) Mardy Gilyard, wr, Cincinnati.

5 (132) Michael Hoomanawanui, te, Illinois.

5 (149) Hall Davis, de, Louisiana-Lafayette.

6 (170) Fendi Onobun, te, Houston.

6 (189) Eugene Sims, de, W. Texas A&M.

7 (211) Marquis Johnson, db, Alabama.

7 (226) George Selvie, de, South Florida.

7 (254) Josh Hull, lb, Penn State.

Analysis: Should have selected Ndamukong Suh at No. 1 and taken a QB such as Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy in the following rounds. Instead, they passed on a once-in-a-decade type defensive lineman in favor of QB Sam Bradford. Good luck keeping him upright, or healthy, especially if a man like Suh hits him. The Rams did get Rodger Safford, who should help solidify a line that picked up Jason Smith last year. Jerome Murphy is hard-nosed, aggressive but lacks top 40 speed and Mardy Gilyard has receiver and return skills but also lacks top 40 time.

Grade: D+


Needs: NT, RB, RT, CB


1 (12) Ryan Mathews, rb, Fresno State.

3 (79) Donald Butler, lb, Washington.

4 (110) Darrell Stuckey, db, Kansas.

5 (146) Cam Thomas, dt, North Carolina.

5 (168) Jonathan Crompton, qb, Tenn.

7 (235) Dedrick Epps, te, Miami.

Analysis: The Chargers probably didn't need to trade from No. 28 all the way to 12 for Ryan Mathews (6-0, 218, 4.4), especially with the depth at running back. Still, the Chargers managed to do well with their picks. Donald Butler (6-1, 245) was rated as the second-best inside backer. Darrell Stuckey (5-11, 205, 4.46, 39 vertical) was a leader and playmaker at Kansas. Cam Thomas (6-4, 330) should replace Jamal Williams at nose.

Grade: B


Needs: OT, CB, OG, S, LB


1 (11) Anthony Davis, ot, Rutgers.

1 (17) Mike Iupati, g, Idaho.

2 (49) Taylor Mays, db, Southern Cal.

3 (91) Navorro Bowman, lb, Penn State.

6 (173) Anthony Dixon, rb, Mississippi St.

6 (182) Nate Byham, te, Pittsburgh.

6 (206) Kyle Williams, wr, Arizona State.

7 (224) Phillip Adams, db, So. Carolina St.

Analysis: Filled an area that caused Mike Singletary the most angst offensive line. Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati add close to 650 pounds to a line that provided little running room for Frank Gore and little protection for Alex Smith (team has given up 150 sacks in three years). Taylor Mays (6-3, 230, 4.43) is big on potential but small on production so far, but that could have been a result of how he was used. If his ability is harnessed and maximized look out. He at least fills a need at strong safety. Nate Byham (6-4, 268) is a blocker and short-yardage receiver and isn't the prospect that Anthony McCoy is (drafted later by Seattle). But if you add WR/kick returner Ted Ginn Jr. (traded for fifth-round pick) and you got a solid draft.

Grade: B


Needs: OT, DE, S, WR, RB, CB


1 (6) Russell Okung, ot, Oklahoma State.

1 (14) Earl Thomas, db, Texas.

2 (60) Golden Tate, wr, Notre Dame.

4 (111) Walter Thurmond, db, Oregon.

4 (127) E.J. Wilson, de, North Carolina.

5 (133) Kam Chancellor, db, Virginia Tech.

6 (185) Anthony McCoy, te, Southern Cal.

7 (236) Dexter Davis, lb, Arizona State.

7 (245) Jameson Konz, wr, Kent State.

Analysis: So far, so very good for new coach Pete Carroll, who, at the end of the day, filled just about every need except for defensive end. Russell Okung was the second tackle taken but most had him rated the best. Earl Thomas is a blur whom some rated as the best safety. Plus, he can play corner. Golden Tate has it all, except height. Throw in RBs Leon Washington (Jets) and LenDale White (Titans) via trades, and potential steal in late-round pick TE Anthony McCoy (failed drug test at combine), and you got a near perfect start to the rebuilding this team.

Grade: A


Needs: DT, DE, WR, CB, OT, S


1 (3) Gerald McCoy, dt, Oklahoma.

2 (35) Brian Price, dt, UCLA.

2 (39) Arrelious Benn, wr, Illinois.

3 (67) Myron Lewis, db, Vanderbilt.

4 (101) Mike Williams, wr, Syracuse.

6 (172) Brent Bowden, p, Virginia Tech.

7 (210) Cody Grimm, db, Virginia Tech.

7 (217) Dekoda Watson, lb, Florida State.

7 (253) Eric Lorig, de, Stanford.

Analysis: The Bucs should be able to create havoc with their interior defense with selections of Gerald McCoy (6-4, 295, 4.96) and Brian Price (6-1, 308, 34 reps). With all the top corners gone, the Bucs found Price, a projected first-round pick, in the second round. Arrelious Benn (6-1, 219, 4.40) has big-play ability and should help Josh Freeman. Myron Lewis (6-2, 203, 4.42) is said to be an eventual replacement for Rhonde Barber.

Grade: C+


Needs: DE, CB, OLB, S, WR


1 (16) Derrick Morgan, de, Georgia Tech.

3 (77) Damian Williams, wr, Southern Cal.

3 (97) Rennie Curran, lb, Georgia.

4 (104) Alterraun Verner, db, UCLA.

5 (148) Robert Johnson, db, Utah.

6 (176) Rusty Smith, qb, Florida Atlantic.

6 (207) Myron Rolle, db, Florida State.

7 (222) Marc Mariani, wr, Montana.

7 (241) David Howard, dt, Brown.

Analysis: The Titans landed one of the top ends in Derrick Morgan (6-3, 266, 4.72) and might have gotten a bargain in Round 6 on Myron Rolle (6-2, 215, 4.59, Rhodes Scholar). Damian Williams (6-1, 197, 4.52, 38 vertical) should add depth. Rennie Curran (5-11, 235) is super active and productive, just lacks the preferred height. But aside from Morgan, there's not much help here.

Grade: C-


Needs: OT, OG, FS, ILB, CB, RB


1 (4) Trent Williams, ot, Oklahoma.

4 (103) Perry Riley, lb, LSU.

6 (174) Dennis Morris, te, Louisiana Tech.

7 (219) Terrence Austin, wr, UCLA.

7 (229) Erik Cook, c, New Mexico.

7 (231) Selvish Capers, ot, West Virginia.

Analysis: This is all new to the Redskins two good draft picks in successive years. Last year, it was Brian Orakpo. This year, they got Trent Williams (6-5, 315, 4.88) and used their No. 2 pick for Donovan McNabb. But as usual, the Skins got little else in the draft and made the biggest splash before the draft by getting McNabb, Larry Johnson, Willie Parker, Adam Carriker, Maake Kemoeatu, Phillip Buchanon, etc.

Grade: C-